Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Company Store

So while I work for the the retail playground called wally world I have learned that retail has up and downs. I hate to say it, but I feel like the downs out number the ups, but I am a "look-at-the-sunny-side" type of person so I try to make the best out of my situations. The one thing I have noticed that still frustrates me and gets me all in a tizzy is how the people at my job interpret the rules of my company. Like all people some are good and some are bad. Unfortunately at my certain place of employment I feel there is more bad then good going on. It saddens and angers me very much.
 They use the rules as their own guide to how to abuse and lash out childishly at their employees. Just today I had someone I care about get emotionally maimed. I've seen it happen time and time again truthfully and there are enough websites with actual account of how much "the company store" sucks. I don't know if it's true. I think it's because of the people who run it now and depends upon the individual store. I say this because anyone still working there from when our founder was still alive remembers a friendly, employee suggestion driven company, who was run with fairness and equality. These people enjoy the  policies put in place by our founder and hate seeing them go to waste under the leadership of corporate assholes. I leave everything unnamed for legal purposes.
It employees tens of thousands of people and they all need a job. So many of them are willing to put up with bullshit to get a measly amount of money,  but they still cannot live off of that. I think I am possibly one of the lucky ones. With my advanced tactics I use against my store; I take pictures and I have recordings of my own events and videos thanks to my droid phone. They can not argue against my solid evidence when someone or something goes wrong and I have clear proof that I am in the right. I wish I could save all my friends in the same way I can save myself.

I have even proven harassment against myself and won, well sort of won. They got rid of the offending supervisor I had by promoting her to an assistant manager, and the rules say you have to move to another store to be promoted like this, but I have seen at least two other employees go to  "store planning" and come back in the same store less then 6 months later to be assistants. So this rule is obviously BS, like all of their rules. They use them when it is convenient. They like me though. I am like five people when I am there. So it must be nice to pay someone half a persons wage for doing the work of five people. I don't mind, because it's easier then heck to do. I am just ranting today because of my friend has being wronged. Some days are better then others. Today just wasn't one of the good ones. Please don't shop the company store. Now if only I could find it in me to stock shelves like ass so you wouldn't shop there.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coffee makes the morning

I do love my cup of coffee. I love coffee so much I have a couple of cups throughout the day. I dunno why exactly, maybe the caffeine or the comfort of it, but whatever it is  I enjoy my time sitting down with little moo. This morning was eggs and bacon with tortillas.  She does love eggs. As I said before I am divorced, not officially on paper yet, which today is really frustrating me. He father never sees her, and he doesn't have the balls to tell me wheather or not he just doesn't want to see her when she's with me or not. it is so irritating. I try not to let it bug me,  but I hate seeing Little moo with a broken heart so young in life. She's a smart moo, and she know things a young one should not know. Things like.... "Does adaddy not want to seee me because his GF has 2 other babies. Does daddy love video games more them me? Yes she says these things to me, and each time I reply similarly. "No Honey, Daddy loves you as much as a daddy can, and he thinks of you all the time." Even when I am not sure and I doubt my own words.

In other news I have writing to catch up with on another webpage.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The two year itch

Now you'd think with the title of this blog that I would be making a play in infidelity, no I am actually talking about the opposite thing. Lets begin with who I am slightly. I am a writer, most people know me as SN Richardson, or Cerity. I shall stick with Cerity. I am the mother of a little moo and I work for the biggest retail store this world has seen in the last 50 years. I have been divorced for the last two years and while it saddens me to think of how I failed completely I know I was and am ready to be a wife again. I very much want a family and after these two years I am defiantly looking for a relationship that might fulfill that dream of mine. No I do not just date anyone. I have been buying time to be serious with anyone. Alright I am totally jumping all over the place.


I was married two years ago, and I was so unhappy. He was selfish and I wondered if it was all my fault. I blamed myself for everything that went wrong and I hated the fact that I could not fix things. I did the worst thing a person could do. I took all my sadness and frustration and I decided I would cheat. It wasn't thought of like that at the moment I was doing it. I was craving the attention I had been deprived of from my husband. His military job was not the cause of our distance. I was an accessory to him, a pretty handbag for fitting that military persona. I was ignored otherwise, and it wore on me. I needed to be treated like a human with feelings and needs. Though my actions are in no way justified I apologize and I continue to apologize for the rest of my lifetime, but there comes a time for moving on and letting go. That time came around April of this year. Time to move on officially and stop trying to fix things that were never broken to begin with. After two years of single life I am once again bitten with the bug of wanting to be married. I don't know when it will happen or even if it will ever show up in my life again, but at least I know its something I want for myself.

As always I am unplugged, and to my detriment I am as honest as a person can be  now. On Lie to Me they called it radical honesty. I suppose I am going to try it for a long time. I have also learned things about honesty, you don't have to bare your soul each time you give an answer, just be honest about your yes and no's. It'll make everyone happier.