Saturday, December 31, 2011

A writer's reference

A long time ago I started this thing called starting pages. It was a way to get any clutter out of my mind before I wrote. Lately I have stories abounding. with the resurrection of my will and the death of a chocking point that had been holding me back I find that my ideas and ferocity with which I write incredible. Ideas all over the place from all my stories. I have yet to put Tao on here or Elfkins and catpsi,  but I promise they shall come. Fantasy and sci fi, reality type, mystery and even some less then impressive fanfic, but it's all there! So I shall begin a list of characters. I'll start with WoV:

AlphaWater - Robyn
AlphaFire - Chris
AlphaWood - Lloyd
AlphaNature - Nathan
AlphaMetal - Tim
Catspi - Sara
Prince Braddock
King Merced
OmegaLightning _ John
OmegaLava - Zara
OmegaStone -Gavin
NeoWater - Shulyn
NeoFire - Robert
NeoWood -Jessica
NeoNature - Seth
NeoMetal - Nick
The Viper family
Ruby Valentine
The gemini twins
Samuel - White knight
Series one: Beginnings
There is place where we keep our dreams and we think they are safe from the world. This place is called Tao. There are heroes here who make sure all of our dreams stay safe. They are called the virtue knights. 

I've been a chicken to write anything on this story mostly because it's closet to my heart and because I lost my two binders worth of info and character plots and their bibliographies in  LA, but I don't care. They all live inside me and I intend to write about them as much as I write about The Aerie I live in. Yes yes you shall all miss the man in emerald for the moment. He isn't gone. Until next time! Chapter one: Team B and how to make a VK invincible. 

Friday, December 23, 2011


The black in the night covered the land like a blanket. The hour lying to the people, as the sun clearly stood high in the sky. A woman wearing a flowing white dress with gold tassels looked out the window of her castle. She had blond hair that was so long that it piled on the floor. Her blue eyes quivering at the sight out her window.
"Find the head of my guardsmen," She waited for a boy standing at the door to leave, "GO!"
The boy, dressed simply, ran through the door as she yelled. A man dressed in hunting garb and very scruffy looking stopped him outside the door.
"Artemis, What are you rushing for"
"Milady ask to find her head guard." the boy answered
Sighing loudly the man entered the room, "Milady," He bowed. "The captain has gone already, and taken some of the army with him. Can I assist you in anyway?"
Turning around slowly, her eyes glowing in a dark and sinister fashion.
"No Nosliw. I asked for Artemis to find Jaqual, not bring me bad news."
"I apologize my liege. The house of light is in need of protecting and Silverhawk and his men do the duty entrusted to them."
"Find him. Bring him back then, hunter." Using Nosliw's job title as an insult.
Standing from his kneeled position he nodded, "As you wish."
Leaving quickly he motioned for Artemis to go hide.
"Why? What is happening?"
"You don't need to know that. Go hide."
"Nosliw! Nosliw!" The boy tried to run after him as he disappeared down the stairs.
Stopping at the base of the stairs to talk to a servant, an elven girl with greenish skin and hair the color of bark that was kept short and neatly at her shoulders.
"Protect the boy. The prophesy is coming to pass, and he will be sacrificed if we let our lady leave this castle."
"Nosliw. Where are you going?"
"To stop the emerald knights. If I do not we shall lose them to."
"How do you know these things?"
"That is not important right now. I must go."
The elf holding onto Nosliw's vest. her eyes begging him to stay. He stopped and kissed her deeply.
"I am sorry lovely one. I promise to return to you."
With those words he was gone. Artemis came down the stairs.
"Ellistry what are we to do?"
"We hide."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fast times at AHS...

A bell sounded and Adria stuck out her foot as Hannah went to run for her class. Her book bag spilling all it contents. Adria mocking concern.
"Oh I am so sorry. I'd love to help you, but my class is on the other side of the quad."
Patting her back quite hard she then walked off laughing with some other girls. Quickly throwing her in bag a notebook that had hearts scrawled all over it. She pulled it back out once everyone had gone. One of the hearts stated 'R+H' she smiled and then frowned. A tall boy carrying an instrument case stopped by her. He had brown hair perfectly messy as if he had woken up and his hair was that way and Buddy-holly style glasses.
"Do you often come to the rescue of damsels in distress?"
"Only ones who have the same class as I do." Reese laughed
Happily letting Reese help her before scooting off to class.
"You know you oughta be more careful where you leave your books. One of these days I am going to be sick," He pretended to be dramatically ill, "Then who will pick up after your clumsy arse?"
"It's too early to be talking like pirates." She giggled.
"Well you be getting to class there missy or I'll swab the decks with the likes of you."
He pretended to have a hook on one of his hands and poked Hannah with it as they approached the lab room.Still poking her as they entered.
"Well this isn't a ship, vessel of learning perhaps, but boat I think not." The teacher said
"Sorry Mrs. Grabble." Reese nodded.
"Alright," Clapping her hands together.
Mrs Grabble appeared to be in her early thirties. Quite attractive for a human, but then the hair covering her ears fell away and small points were revealed.
"Yesterday was a bit of potions. Does everyone have their homework?"
Reaching in her bag Hannah balked, "I left it in the car."

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fast times at AHS

    The air was ridden with frost and the students rushing into the courtyard tightened their jackets as they bustled about to their classes. The old Victorian architecture of the building had seen better days. Each of the columns weathered and covering in bird dropping warping the once marble color to a dingy gray. In the fray stood six young adults, seniors or perhaps juniors in their year of schooling. The building's front read, Alderguard High School a place of magic, where learning comes alive. One of the students flicked a cigarette on the ground as he slicked back his black unwashed-looking hair.
     "I heard she died in a car accident." A whispered from another student heard as they passed the group.
     The six all glared at people as they passed them by. Walking into the school grounds they cleared a path by their mere presence. All of them wearing what appeared to be school colors, a maroon and gold combination. The five boys with Letterman jackets on and the one girl with a collared gold shirt, maroon blazer and matching skirt with knee-high socks. She had auburn hair down to her lower back and deep blues eyes. As the group continued on another girl wearing similar school attire ran to catch up with them, but tripped on her untied shoes as she shouted for them
     "Adria! Adria wait!"
     The girl stopped and waved for the boys to leave without her.
     "What do you want?"
     "Well my mom said we could...."
     Adria interrupted, "Your mom think that we are friend just because she and my mom were friend. I have yet to see a reason for me to even acknowledge you. You cam barely walk, how are you going to pass any of your spell examines? Can you even cast anything?"
     The girl who had blond pigtails and silver eyes nodded her head.
     "I can. I can. I promise."
      "I meant a real spell not that thing you do where you turn yourself all purple for the day."
     Adria rolled her eyes and shooed the girl away.
     "Oh and Reese might be your best friend, but Hannah, he's my boyfriend so stay away from him."