Monday, December 31, 2012


I don't often post about my life on here as I use this blog for most of my writing and creative things. However today I find I wanted to post about how great everything has turned out in my life and how thankful I am for it.

For my daughter. She is becoming a beautiful person and such a great kids. I could not have asked for better.

For my job. I am now the a personnel manager and well on my way up :) So excited for the adventures to come, and even happier about working with my new store manager and team.

For my family. I feel as if we've all grown closer. Through hard times and good we've all been there for each to her now. Thanksgiving was epic at Tim's house. Deep fried turkey went smashingly and Susan's yams we're to die for, and I did, I passed out in that huge comfy chair watching Johnny and Alan rock some league of legends. Daysi is the best new sis-in-law, and mom's peanut butter pie was heaven. I hope everyone loved my ceasar salad and pumpkin-cheesecake-nutella pie's as well as the deviled eggs.

For the life I have. It gets better with each passing moment and everyday. I've written more this year then ever before, and I feel I have grown as a writer, mommy, gamer, and retailer.

To SAS. The best gaming Klan I could've asked for. See you all in GW2 and planetside2

To my friends. Whether you're online or not you've all banded together for me during the hard times, but mostly all the great times there have been.

To Ebony. For being the best co-manager and now best store manager. You're an encouragement and this light. Someone I look up to and aspire to be like. You've taught me smart notes, and how to 4x4 tours with ease. I will respect my associates as you do and I shall be the best store manager I can be whenever I make it there, but until then I will be the greatest HR person you've ever seen. LEts open this new store with style!

I must also thank those who told me I can't. Who tried to stop me, or be mean to me. I am doing it, I can, I have, and I will continue to succeed. You pushed me to do more then  I thought I could, and for that I am grateful.

I look forward to making Christmas dreams come true tonight as I man one of the busiest lines. I'm the one hour guarantee girl for the laptop tonight. That light on their faces when I know I've just made someone's holiday wish bring me a joy I cannot describe fully in words.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone who has ever touched my life. I love you all.

Year in review

Hey hey hey! Yes it is that time again where I have found the time to blog, write, whatever you wish to call it. This is the first one I shall be free-styling and actually blogging. I've had a much improved year, and it seems to get better. I've written more, personally, then I ever have and I have enjoyed more freedom and professional success then ever before. It is amazing what happens as I have chosen to surround myself with positive influences. I was promoted in my professional life which is superbly amazing. My little one is doing very well at Pinecrest, funny though she hates English or anything to do with it. She's a science/math gal all the way. All my rp buddies, you're messages have been fun to read and follow and I hope you've all enjoyed my company as much as I have enjoyed yours. Lil, yours the most. You're the best and most amazing friend I never thought I would have. I can't wait till you get married next year.

In the world of elements things have gone onto new and amazing things. The emerald knight still as strong as ever. The Nokitomi household coming back. The war that rocked the land and took with it two of my most beloved characters. The man in black and his twin :( but onto brighter times as we await the birth of Kitz or Oswin. New masters taking their rightful places, and could we ever forget the winter celebrations that brought the kingdom to the north into light.

As for the land of dreams it actually has come into me writing for it. Tao came together and I began from the start as I should have. So many more stories we're actually recorded and typed out for the first time evar! Ember's story, Midnight Blue/Lithany, Zelcur, Junior, Nosliw, Mystdreamer... I can not wait to see what 2013 brings. Only great things I am guessing.

No, my life is not always positive, but the good has far outweighed the bad this year. I have come to accept single mommyhood. I've come to lean on friends more and less on myself. Even my characters have friends to lean on, so why shouldn't I?  Somber didn't do it all herself, and I realize I didn't have to either.

Cheers to 2013. I always take requests as usual, whether I post them or just e-mail them directly to you. RSWE is always at your service *bows*


Sunday, October 14, 2012

As I am...

I am me. Who is that exactly?
Well that is for me to know and you to think about.
I am the path less taken
I am night sweeping over the land
I am the quiet one in the corner that nobody notices.
I am the music of the night, the true phantom.
I am doing the best I can.
I am the outcast, looking for a way in.
I am the exiled.
I am the quest, the path the chivalrous must follow.
I am here, but not really.
I am not popular. Popularity sucks.
I am kind, until you leave that is.
I am the melody coming from the instrument you play.
I am the best of the worst.
I am thoughtful, though I have trouble remembering things.
I am crowded in an empty room
I am the dream slowly drifting away.
Trying to remember me? I'm already gone.
I am your shadow. Don't look too far down, you may fall.
I am only what you see.
I am the never-ending story.
I am the card forever to be shuffled around.
I am the writer that can end stories, but never begin them.
I am the speaker that can end conversations, but never start one.
I have taken the path less traveled
I am the journal. Tell me your secrets I will keep them safe.
I am the sunlight through the clouds.
I am the great mind that cannot recall anything I've learned.
I am the one forever experiencing deja vu
I am the one forever experiencing deja vu
I am the good one you can trust.
I am the bad one you must avoid
I am alone in a crowded room.
I am the grounded bird, wings all broken.
I have many faces. Sorry, you must have mistaken me for the other me.
The silence is deafening.
I am the pen that won't write.
I need to erase my past.
If I could change one event, I would be a different person.
If I hadn't rejected
If I caught the ball
If I weren't there then
If I was only there
I wish I could have seen you go.
I am quite nice. Nice girls finish last.
Look up. The clouds have parted.
Look down, the ground is still there.
I am not lost. I have come home. I am here.
I am the one that isn't depressed.
Suicide is for those who can't handle depression.
I am the one who will live in the moment, but in a moment, I am busy right now.
I can see again.
I have a dream I must wake up.
I am not going anywhere
I am here to stay.
Thanks goes to those who pull me back when I jump in.
I am the one with many flaws.
I have coped with this before, it's nothing new. Or is it?
Perhaps I am not the one. That's it, I'm the two.
I am forever happy. Are you?
I have my memories. Do you? That's too bad they make us who we are.
See? I'm right here
Hello, and good bye.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Castle Folkvar

     As the wagon rolled over the hillside the horizon line was filled with what looked like a city surrounded by a  large outer wall. The five friends headed down the path towards the massive structure.
      "What is that?" asked Somber.
      Aryk came over and sat by the gold elf they now called their friend. He admired the shimmer of golden locks on her head and the light glitter affect the sun made as it danced upon her face, and on across her green eyes. He swallowed The lump in his throat as he looked away from her as soon as she turned to speak to him.
      "Is that is? Aryk? Is that your uncle's castle?"
      He nodded and pointed to far off in the distance. Clearing his throat before he spoke. "In the back there is a orchard with a lake. It's fairly good sized."
      "There is a lake! It seems as large as a town beyond the wall."
      "It is," Jeri as he leaned back in his seat. A blonde girl fast asleep by him. She wore coordinated pink clothes.  "Should I wake Gwen?"
      "NO! " Came the answer from the rest of the wagon.
      Towering doors opened as the wagon approached. The wall they passed through as large as a bridge and as tall as the sky it seemed. It stretched around the entire castle's boundary. Somber's mouth hung ajar as the wagon rode further in, passing a massive sand pit and what appeared to be a training ground for hand-to-hand-combat. After that a large garden filled with all sorts of food, vegetables and fruit trees, so lush you could lose yourself. The wagon parked outside of an inner wall that encased the castle's main structure. It was octagonal in shape as Somber began walking around the inner wall and away from the stables that lie on the western most part of the castle's main body.
      Off the middle of the castle were two wings, one to the east and the other to the west. Aryk began telling Somber that one of the wings held a massive library. The whole castle appeared in the shape of  the letter H with a fat octagon body in the middle. Under each wing an essential feature of the castle. Under the west wing a massive stable. It housed not only horses and livestock, but the gryphons that Aryk's uncle Ken breed and raised. Under the Eastern wing was the weapons storage and forge. Around the entire center and even trough the stables and forge were eight fantastic gardens all dedicated to the eight elements that ruled over Alderguard. Each garden separated by an open structure of walls leading into the next garden.
     As you entered the inner wall and into the first garden on the west side, the garden of light, filled with plants that seemed to glow and even flash or change colors into all sorts of things. Most of the flowers appeared as calli lilies. Each one glowing or flashing at it's own pace. In the center a beautiful fountain that echoed the theme of light. As you traveled north and around, there was the garden of fire. Lava rocks and fire roses, bird of paradise, and red sunburst dotted the outer planter boxes, the fountain flowing a thick lava like substance. Then there was the garden of Earth. The poppy-like flowers that seemed covered in sand and the fountain like quick sand flowing through the large rocks that dotted the raked sand. The Water garden after that elegant and serene. The fountain seemed formed from ice and flowed water around to each of the planter boxes, which looked like fish take on the side of the walls, filled with lily pads and the buds that grew on top of them in pinks and brilliant yellows. The air garden After seemed to sing as each plant created a little tornado in itself. The little swirling flowers  flying off and into the fountain of swirling wind and then back to their leaves that seemed to float just above the soil they grew from. Right next door suddenly a drop in color as the black roses and dreary feel of the garden of darkness seemed to consume the guest. Each darkness plant so fragile though that one touch caused it to wilt and whiter, and even die. The darkness only broken by the sounds the the forge nearby.  The garden of wood seemed more like a small forgets only without leaves, and the last garden of Metal was very intriguing  Each plant looked like shiny metals, but as you touched them they felt soft like plants should.
      Somber looked up and gawked as she noticed how tall the castle was. "How many rooms are inside?"
     "Nearly 2000. It can house an entire city, but we have it mostly filled with my family or close relatives and our servants, but they are more like family then servants anyway. We all eat at the same table like equals.
     Somber ran inside to see the rest...

(The inside shall be later)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Years gone by cont...

     A tall figured about as big as a bear was standing before the two friends. He was covered in a cloak and his face could not be seen. Corey ran over to the nearest window and flung the drapes open. Turning around again there was no one there.
     "Lets go." Corey grabbed Lizzy's hand and began power walking out of the castle.
     "What was that?"
     "It is haunted. Our parents weren't joking."
     "Maybe it was a trick of the light, or some wind blew through one of the windows and it was just the drapes coming up. Corey! CORE! STOP!"
     Lizzy wiggled her hand free of of her friend's grasp and turned around to go back inside. A breeze in the garden from seemingly no where began blowing. It grew stronger, and stronger until it was a gale force wind blowing the two into the neighboring garden. As soon as they reached the other side of the wall the wind stopped. It suddenly became very warm. The two ran to the next garden that seemed normal enough. This garden was filled with lots of large zen like rocks, boulders, and sand, and the flowers seemed to be formed from sand or at least they appeared that way.
     "What kind of place is this castle?" Asked Lizzy
     "I have heard there are books in our library that explain the history of the town."
     "Here our parents would have us believe that the city of Caementum was so ordinary and normal. This just has me."
     "Wondering." Came a male voice form the buttress behind them.
Both teenagers shaking and holding onto each other as they turned around.
     "No need to fear. I'm..." he paused for a long time, Fred, just call me Fred."
     The dashing young man appeared to be in his mid-twenties. He had almost whitish blonde hair and piercing silver-blue eyes. He was wearing a turtle neck and a nice Suit with a dark purple under shirt. 
     "Alright Fred, Why is this castle so big?"
     Chuckling at the question, "It was my ancestor's home. Built by someone in my family a very long time ago. I hears it was a small town to itself, and even had rooms for kings and queens."
     "Well, Fred, it was lovely to have met you but we must be going now, homework to do and all. The two of us." Corey swallowed hard as he spoke.
     "On a weekend? Homework, seems a little strange." Fred folded his hands in front of him and nodded, pursing his lips together. 'I can see you two just want to go, you're trespassing anyway."
     Turning around Lizzy pointed top a sign stating the castle was private property. Corey took Lizzy's hand and the began leaving. 
     "Wait, stop, please don't." Fred held his hand up, "I won't be pressing any charges. This castle has been asleep for a long time. It was waiting for something big."
     "Waiting?" Lizzy let her hand slip out of Corey's and she walked back over to Fred.
     "Have a seat," He motioned to a bench besides a fountain that started pouring as she sat down.
     "Was that?"
     "You? I believe so." Fred smiled.
     "He has a remote in his pocket Lizzybell." Corey rolled his eyes, "You're not seriously going to be charmed by this joker. He's obviously one of those college losers who can't date girls his own age."
     Fred raised an eyebrow, "I am actually married sir."
    "Look, the name is," Corey was interrupted.
    "Corey Stanton Savage. Yes I know you both quite well. You're failing English, and P.E."
    "You're a stalker, Lizzy he's stalking us!" Corey gestured frantically as he took a step back. 
    "Any one's history or profile is out in the open now a days, and easily accessible at any moment from one's phone." Fred held up his smart phone open on Corey's social network page. "It's amazing how you kids document your whole lives online, nothing secret, nothing private. It would drive me mad to let everyone know every waking detail of my life." 
     With each word he spoke he took a step towards Corey, and with the last word the two were face to face. Tripping as he leaned back, but Fred caught the boys shoulder. 
     "Don't trip." He went back and sat by Lizzy.
     "I shall let you two go, but if you wish to know more feel free to go to your library, but once you're done, come to my library." 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Years gone by

     The crinkle sound of each leaf noted the presence of the two teenagers within the grounds. A castle surrounded by a large garden all around, and protected by and inner wall before the outer wall that lead to the land within the castle's even further border. A girl with wispy blonde hair and wearing an equestrian outfit stepped gingerly around the dead garden. She held her riding crop and hat to her side as she marveled at the scale of the building in front of her. The buttresses rising far above her head and each garden had a door between it's dividing wall. She began counting and she walked around the inside of the buttresses and by the doors in a narrow walkway that surrounded these doors, There were eight in total. Her mouth dropped open as she glanced in one of the open doors.
     A huge room with a center table in the shape of a the letter H big enough for what must have been 200 people. A banner above each door. She counted, eight again, and she noted this must've been somewhere a huge family or two, or even eight lived. As she gawked at the grand hall another girl with snuck up behind her.
     "Lizzy bell how did you find this place?"
     "My parents were talking about it. It's the oldest place still standing. I thought we could come check it out. The old guy at the end of our block, you know him?" Lizzy's friend nodded her head,         
     "They say he used to live here, and he's like a billion years old."
     "That's impossible. People don't live that long."
     "I've heard he's not human." Her eyes as wide as they could get.
     "Come on Lizzy, and Aliens abducted Bradley last summer, right?" Her hands on her hips.
     "It's true Core!"
     "I think you live in a fantasy world sometimes. One too many of those renn faire reenactment things. No more role playing." Corey pushed Lizzy playfully.
     "Isn't this place great though? It's like, huge enough to house the entire town."
     "How many rooms does it have?"
     "Well I counted the windows on one side and lost myself somewhere around 300."
     Corey whistled at the number. Lizzy ran up one of the massive staircases in the corner of the hall, Corey in hot pursuit behind her.
     "I bet this place is haunted." SHe began making ghost sounds that echoed down the hall.
     "Stop that, It's too dark in here I can't..." JHe voice caught as a lone candle was lit and sitting on a table in the hall.
     "It's like the house heard you."
     "I don't think this place is a house."
     "Castle," both girls said simultaneously.
     Footsteps were clearly heard behind them and both girls turned white as they looked at each other...

Monday, July 9, 2012

A night like no other

The  air was filled with music and embers flying about as the party-goers danced around the campfire. Their bodies in time with each beat of the bass and arms in the air holding their glow sticks and light up items.
     "Water, catch!" said a slightly overweight gentleman with brown hair.
     Putting her hands out she caught the beer and opened it, but never took a sip. Instead she danced as she held it.
     "Aren't you going to drink it?" a girl with long curly black hair asked
     "I'm not thirsty at the moment," Water shrugged
     "Mind if I have it?" The girl asked
     "Hey Lava, quite stealing all of Water's beers and make her actually drink one."
     "As if she even needs one. Stop passing them to her. You and Wood are bad influences."
     "I am not called Fire for no reason," He breezed by Lava almost whispering this line in her ear.
     "I am not a beer drinker."
     "We know," the entire group said.
     "She prefers te-kill-ya." came a voice from the kitchen window.
     "Metal! You are not to give away my secrets so early into the festivities."
     This caused Wood and Fire to nearly spit up their drinks. Their hearty laughter only matched in volume from the mickey-moused sound system that was blaring music around the tree house. The song changed to a teen-aged male pop star. All the sighs were heard.
     "Who put him on here? I surely don't want him to be my boyfriend and this song is horrible." Water stated.
     Jumping from around the corner dressed in all BBQing gear with a wacky smile on his face.
     "Wood!" Lava, Fire, and Water all giggle-sighed.
     "We should've known," came another male voice from inside the tree house.
     "Nature why don't you join us?" Water asked.
     "I'm not much for loud music or drinking."
     "We have nothing but time."

     I have that moment frozen in my memory. It is mine to keep, and I won't let go of it. The battlefield before me does not phase a warrior like me. My friends and comrades beside me injured and not able to push on, but I will keep going for them. The music still pounding in my temples. No something else making my head pound, mortars. No, wrong again... What is it? The world goes white in front of me as I hear someone screaming my name.
     "WATER!!! WATER!"
     Who could still have survived? The cape giving him away.
     As I fade into unconsciousness, "Prince...."

Monday, June 25, 2012

In my time.

     Well fast froward to a few years later. No one knows now except for the two of us who were involved. He has washed his hands of everything I was and everything I have ever thought I was. Standing here nearly naked, sword alone in hand and the skyline ahead of me. I have honored his request for silence and where has it gotten me but where I am?
     "Mi'lady be thinking you are. Of what inquire much I am." A large human-sized beetle in a waistcoat and holding deck of card stood beside a very naked woman. Her black hair flowing in the wind, and he green eyes glinting in the sunset.
     "Taking this you should." The beetle-man covered her in a blanket and wiped some blood stains off of her face."Mi'lady needing rest she does. Knowing a place and staying we can, shoule, staying we should, for a night or two."
     Pushing him away, "NO! NO Kalik! He is going to pay for treating me like discarded potion waste. He is not going to be able to ignore me."
    "Miss Shi-ra. Mi'Lady, no no no no. He is not being good for you. Killing yourself is happening. fading away you are."
     "You forget I still know how to use this," She waved the large sword in front of his face.
     Nodding his head furiously he let the lady pull him by his tie. She at least accepted the blanket he had offered to her.
     "Where going are we. Forgetting again as you've hit me over the head too many times."
     "To the city of darkness."
     Bowing to her, "As Lady wishes."
     "My name is Anya, quit calling me what you call my mother."

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Political Firestorm

I have never, in my entire life, been interested in politics at all. Then I watched quite a few YouTube videos on Ron Paul and researched his facts. They were true. So this prompted me to want to looked up the issues this year and see what each candidates views were. I overwhelmingly agreed with Mr's Paul's views. Suddenly I wanted to know if these claims that fox and CNN, and ABC were actually not playing news on Ron Paul's campaign. It was true, they are not broadcasting anything on him. As a writer  I was outraged. How can any news be honest and open when their pockets are filled with what I now consider stolen money. I wanted to see Mr.Paul triumph, and I wanted to help him get to office. If he can I want to see what he will actually do with the fed, and if his promises will last and if he can not be bought. For the first time I feel like this country does need a revolution. So I am doing my part, I volunteered or his campaign, and I will be on this band wagon and riding this wave to the very end.

If you look it up you may find this true as well. No news on TV about Ron Paul, but perhaps you too will agree with his views. Look him up, investigate for yourself. He won my American spirit and loyalty. Revolution is coming, and I know where I stand now.

Thank you to my friends who showed me the movement.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Once upon a time

     "Close your eyes."
     Somber did so as she was lead onto a plot of empty land the resided just on the other side of a grand stone wall.
     "We shall build it here."
     He motioned in front of them. Her jaw dropping and eyes widening before she turned around and pounce-hugged the elf with stark red hair.
     "This has been a long time coming, and I should have done this hundred of years ago."
     Shaking her head, "It's perfect now."
     Embracing once more Jack points in the distance, "We have visitors."
     A girl and boy elf both with stark red hair and all grown up.
     "Were is the rest of the builders?"
     "You're the first arrive," Jack smiled.
     "It's nice to see you actually smile." The girl said as she pointed to her father.
     "Junior, Adria, please. We can..."
     Jack finishing Somber's sentence, "Start with a little magic." He placed a very old and worn out toy box in the center of the dirt and cranked the handle a few times before it began playing on it's own.
     "I thought." Somber's cocking her head to the side as she looked towards Jack.
     "It's only my old magic left. I figured it could go be put to good use and make us," He stopped and waited for the foundation of their house to pop up, "the start of our perfect cottage on the hill."
Kissing Somber's forehead the family looked out of the town below them. A town with a center castle that held eight gardens.

(It just came to me for some odd reason.)

Thank you Wistful dreams for your ever steady friendship. I owe you some cookies. This has been the greatest year so far, and I know it can only get better. I have the bestest friends and the best family as well and job and just life in general. Oh! I got my invite to MoP beta and may 15th D3! Wistful you better be there *fakes a stern face*

I know I should post the rp's here more, but I've been confined to our personal chat room. I may make that chat room we all discussed. Ok that's it i shall do it, see you guys as you come and go for the evening.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Yes yes, my rp friends and buddies a like. I have heard your calling for me to do more then our rp sessions. You all have been very awesome, and I promise to get to each one of you requests as I can. Shall I begin with MRP's request for the back story of her favorite character of mine. (No diamonds I refuse to write more of the man in black right now, don't you get enough of him on Tuesdays?) If you have more requests I am always open to hearing them...

Here goes nothing,

  It was a warm summer night in a small village that was nestled a top a cliff that over looked the ocean. The twenty to thirty houses there were completely self sufficient, each house responsible for a different trade skill. Everyone here was an elf, but they accepted all kind of people who stopped by or who visited for a while, but most were travelers passing through and never stayed more then a week or two. Flock was born to a family of woodworkers and craftsmen. They were responsible for fixing the houses and making things the village had need of, like bowl and utensils. He loved his life, and could not see trading it for anything else. His mother and father the unofficial leaders of their humble village.
     In the middle of the summer months an usual fair stopped by, and this year a circus stopped by. Setting up tents and thing no one had ever seen before. Bringing shiny wares and new toys that Flock found mystifying. As he watched at the window feet curled up beneath him as his parents worked behind him.
     "Why not let the boy go? This might be his last year as our boy before that shall change." His mother pleaded
     "No." The answer from his father simple
     "Father there are humans, and and."
     "Stutter all you want. We have work to be doing. There is no time for follies and childish behavior."
     "Father," Flock's mother interrupted what he was about to say.
     "Let him go," She caressed his face and smiled at him. "Our little boy is not so little anymore."
     Waving his hand he motioned for Flock to go, "Make your way son, before I change my mind."
     "Mother will change it back."
     "Perhaps that is true, but go on, go see the fair they have."

     Rushing out faster then he thought possible of himself and running around the tents and vendors that were strewn about the village. Touching this and that. In one tent a young woman sat, very solemn. Her wares were so different from any of the others. A small baby in her arms prevented her from getting up but she nodded as Flocked looked around.
     "What are there?"
     "Musical instruments, all of them different. That is a lute you are holding."
      His mouth ajar at the amazing craftsmanship of each piece.
     "What kind of wood is this?"
     "You know woodworking little one?"
      Flock scoffed, "Do I know woodworking."
     "It is a smile enough question."
     "How did you get it to bend in this fashion?" He ignored her comment
     "Tradesman  secret."
     "Well we can use some of the tools that other woos workers use, our water here being full of salt."
     "Boil it, and the wood as well, but keep a close eye."
     "That can  not be true." Flock was gawking at each different piece as he went form instrument to instrument.
      Glancing at the prices, and backing away.
      "Here," The woman set her child down in a basket next to her and handed Flock a beautiful Lute. It was obviously worn from being played before, but the quality was still visible. As she handed it over he saw bruised on her wrist.
     "What happened?"
     "Nothing important." Quickly pulling her arm back and covering it up.
     "How much for this one?"
     "Nothing, make something of yourself with it and I will consider that payment."
Flock ran back to his home.
     "Look! Mother! Father!"
     Both of his parents smiling at him as he entered
     "That was quick." His mother commented.
     "Look, Look what she gave me?" Holding up the lute
     "How did they," taking the instrument from him, "It bends, how does it?"
     "She said boiled water."
     "It is true father, the whole tent was full of them."
     "This is truly an amazing piece. I take it you wish to make these now?"
      Flock nodded furiously.
     "Well, get to it son." Handing him his carving tool and lute back. be continued

Saturday, February 11, 2012


A lone cello sings softly as the sound of a pair of flutes joins in and then soon the light tapping of a few bongos, and then after a violin, a piano then a lute, in finally the gentle voice of a girl. The music filling the small bar and spilling out in the courtyard beyond it making passers by stop and listen. Urging patrons into the small space, and finding reasons to say just to listen a little longer.  

A gentleman in the crowd pushing his way passed other to make it to the bar to ask a question.
"Who are they?"
"I was told they are called the Wandering Wyverns. Pretty amazing aren't they?"
The man only nodded as his answer. Moving closer to the tiny stage where the eight performers were all crammed together and watching the girl in front with her perfect blond curls and her matching purple attire. She winked at him as they continued. Entranced in the beauty of the music he swayed there by the stage, the music a kind of drug washing over all of his senses. As the night went along the crowd outside of the bar grew, and it was not until An elven girl holding a violin came to the front and spoke that people began to disperse.
"If you have enjoyed tonight please show your gratitude in the form on a little coin finding its way to my friends hat, " she passed out the hat from the bongo players head and then began playing, "They call me Three day. Thank you Click for the use of your hat."
The crowd finally dispersing. Instruments packed and the stage empty once more.

Love the way you Lie.

     The cold clink of dress shoes on cobble stones was the only things breaking the silence in the hallway. An enormous hallway leading to a throne room. Somber knew the path all to well as she made her way slowly but steadily towards the room that had always scared her. The castle that housed the element of darkness felt so cold all the time that she could see her breath. the cloud in front of her leading her further into the maw of madness.
     "He's not in there." A voice came from behind her causing her to jump.
     "Where then?"
     "He left to find you, stupid girl."
     "You think you're clever?"
     "You're here alone, fooling yourself into thinking that you're looking for my brother."
     Backing into a wall and trying to continue her way to the throne room. Shaking all over, her lips turning blue and her golden skin dimming in the weight of this cold that was pulling her down. She slowly fell to her knees.
     "No Quillick. Please, don't. I just want to find Aryk."
     Slamming his fist into the wall right next to her head and then turning away from her.
     "Damn you elf! You love me. When are you going to admit to yourself, and stop lying to everyone that your growing stomach does not belongs to me. Reese is my son."
     "How do you even know it is a boy?"
     "Dakness begets darkness, and inside you grows something so ebony soaked that even you wont be able to pull him into your light."
     "He's also gold elf."
     "You're not married so why do you remain so loyal?"
     "Because I, Lo-" he interrupted her, "Him?! My brother, No you don't! how dare you continue to lie to me in the one place where I rule all that surrounds you."
     Somber now sobbing and she tried to curl up to gain warmth.
     "Cold?" His question the same as the tone of his voice.
     "Don't pretend like you care. You're a selfish man."
     "What else do I have left? With everything taken from me, even you shy from my face now."
     He grabbed her cheek and caressed it before forcing her to look at him.
     "You disgust me."
     "Our child tells me otherwise."
     Pulling her up and kissing her. Not pulling away, relaxing into his arms as the kissing intensifies. Breaking form her Quillick smiled and nodded.
     "Welcome home my beacon."

     Far away in the city of Wood Jack fell to the ground holding his head. His ears and eyes begining to bleed. The group around him crowding in trying to calm him down. Everyone backed away as he began screaming.
     Aryk far in the lead turn around only to pick up a backpack and grab Lily's hand.
     "What has happend?" she asked
     "We just need to move faster, that is all."
     A small spherical pendant around Aryk's neck glowing a bright white. He began running through town, Lily in tow...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Something in my head.

The cold air whipped around his body as he fell to the ground. Clouds passing by and the world spinning below himself, but just as he thought all was lost the parachute released and he floated gingerly down to the surface he had just a moment before believed would kill him. Taking off his helmet and looking at the world around him it looked so different now. Not only because it was,  but looking death in the face and laughing at it had made every color more radiant. Each gray shine like silver, and every black appear as ebony in the glimmer of light he now saw. Removing hi helmet his Dark brown hair matted to his head and sweat beading around his forehead. His deep blue eyes watering a bit from the sting of the air. The lot he had landed in was deserted, a single dead tree in the middle of a lot surrounded by skyscrapers. As he looked around the small lot he realized how close he really had come to dying, and a shout of triumph was released from his mouth.
     "Stop dat shouting. I is sleeping here." A homeless person shouted at him as she curled up into her corner of the lot more, covered in dirt and trash as her blanket.
     "I apologize. I didn't see you there."
     "Yeah yeah, ain't no one be seeing me. Ain't no one wanna see me. They all be turning their heads and pretending I don't be existing at all. Who are you anyway?"
     "Well my name is Rubin Collins. My friend just call me Rubicks."
     "You is kidding right? That is the whackest white boy name I have ever heard."
      Rubick walked closer to the woman as he undid his harness. "I'm not white."
     "What is you then?"
     Pointing to his ear made the woman get up as fast as she could and out of the lot.
     "Stay the freak away from me You unnatural heathen."
     Rubicks ran after her a stopped her. "You're scared because I have different ears?"
     "Lord know he don't make people with pointed ear like you."
     "We obviously he does, as I am standing in front of you."
     Still a bit shaken, but less fear in her eyes as she really gave him a good looking over. He dark skin quite the opposite of his nearly porcelain color. Despite the dirt on her face and the torn clothes the woman was quite attractive. Big brown eyes and short hair much like Macey grey.
     "Let me buy you something to eat as an apology for both scaring you and waking you up."
     "I don't need none of your charity." She leaned away from him
     "Would it be charty is I told you that you owe me?"
     "Well I ain't paying you back like that."
     Rubicks laughed, "No I don't want that. May I just?" He opened the door to the corner coffee shop that was by them and motioned.
     "Well alright, but I ain't open for business." She pointed at him accusingly.
     "If I had any idea what that meant I might actually have a response, but I will accept a cup of coffee with you."
     They sat down at a table and Rubicks took off his skydiving backpack...

Friday, January 20, 2012

...and it's santa's little helper by a nose

The more I people watch the more I realize I am happy with who I am and what I have. Such a simple and powerful statement that lends others to wonder what the author has had happen to cause such profound peace in oneself. I realized I had a social cancer of sorts and I was not taking care of my own needs. I was doing this so much it was almost as if everything was backfiring on me for years... I turn to song to express how this felt.


Do yes, I was tired of trying or thinking I was doing my very best only to have sand fall through my fingers, to watch things I touched turn to dust, or even to constantly be accused of being the wicked one. So be it, I'm wicked through and through. I laugh at how I thought a couple of years ago. Altruism gets you one place usually... a place of accusation and appreciation. Was I really seeking good or just seeking attention. Well I know better then to ask that question. I am altruistic, and anyone who wishes to turn it into something mean or evil is not someone I ever need to associate with. It's been pointed out that in focusing on individuals who do not deserve my time I neglect the one who are and have been there for me. Time to give these unsung heroes some time. Some love and affection in the way they deserve. So first, in true Alphawater spirit a song for you all...

It has taken me nearly 30 years (wow one more to go and this will be absolutely true) to learn that in order to take care of others as I wished to it is in taking care of myself that those I love will be taken care of, and the ones who are gone... are gone and I should not be sad or angry or even worry about it. If anyone wishes to keep in contact with me they just shall. It will be effortless, and fluid. So I leave with one last song from the greatest band of all time in hope that i shall be saved from my villainous imagination.

If I said, something to make you mad I will take it back... Save me from a villainous imagination, deliver me from my friends. We can have perfect 20/20 hindsight...

In hindsight as always I realize I should never participate in online chat rooms. The jury is still out on forums. I'll have a good hearty laugh now and then fade into the background. I know this 5th of February will be one never forgotten (at least by me).

Monday, January 9, 2012


So he sent me this song as some cryptic way of expressing his feelings. Alright, Yes you either have moved on or want to so why send me any song. Stop contacting me I have no interest in talking to you. Speak with the one who you're supposed to be contacting, she doesn't hear from you enough. Well so sure he sent me a video. Here a video in response to that :P

Thank to D for his support and for knowing both sides very well.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A long and satisfying day

After waking up to a great phone call, no seriously... I headed off to work. Where I was stopped by no less the 3 managers all wanting me to train people on different things. They then proceeded to fight over me and the times I was to do these things all while I stood there checking in boxes from fed ex  (As i am a DSD or directs associate and upc/office associate now), an l-cart full of merchandise later my fate was decided and off I went to actually finish paperwork before heading to electronics to school some newbies in the art of cell phone sales all while juggling customers. Score!
Here comes the more awesome. My circle of rp friends has exploded all over the gosh darn place. So between some good ol' fashion phone rp I get a message from GC about some dvd's on sale. More awesome, and wow. I even got the last hot dog from the restaurant inside my store almost as a reward. Finishing the storyline of Persephone with Lillian and moving onto something new. I clocked back in and started checking on hand reports. Training another associate on how to use the gemini while I do so. Last things that rounded off the day was teaching anther associate how to bin things into our system using that tool we all need... yes the gemini again. A busy day, but so satisfying.
After taking care of my bills I now need to balance my "check book." I only use that saying as a saying since I keep track of all my spending via online. Save the trees! CXhores are mostly done so I will have a free weekend! rock! I look forward to more writing and hopefully some skype time. Lets see what exciting things happen tomorrow. I am so giddy right now :D