Saturday, February 11, 2012


A lone cello sings softly as the sound of a pair of flutes joins in and then soon the light tapping of a few bongos, and then after a violin, a piano then a lute, in finally the gentle voice of a girl. The music filling the small bar and spilling out in the courtyard beyond it making passers by stop and listen. Urging patrons into the small space, and finding reasons to say just to listen a little longer.  

A gentleman in the crowd pushing his way passed other to make it to the bar to ask a question.
"Who are they?"
"I was told they are called the Wandering Wyverns. Pretty amazing aren't they?"
The man only nodded as his answer. Moving closer to the tiny stage where the eight performers were all crammed together and watching the girl in front with her perfect blond curls and her matching purple attire. She winked at him as they continued. Entranced in the beauty of the music he swayed there by the stage, the music a kind of drug washing over all of his senses. As the night went along the crowd outside of the bar grew, and it was not until An elven girl holding a violin came to the front and spoke that people began to disperse.
"If you have enjoyed tonight please show your gratitude in the form on a little coin finding its way to my friends hat, " she passed out the hat from the bongo players head and then began playing, "They call me Three day. Thank you Click for the use of your hat."
The crowd finally dispersing. Instruments packed and the stage empty once more.

Love the way you Lie.

     The cold clink of dress shoes on cobble stones was the only things breaking the silence in the hallway. An enormous hallway leading to a throne room. Somber knew the path all to well as she made her way slowly but steadily towards the room that had always scared her. The castle that housed the element of darkness felt so cold all the time that she could see her breath. the cloud in front of her leading her further into the maw of madness.
     "He's not in there." A voice came from behind her causing her to jump.
     "Where then?"
     "He left to find you, stupid girl."
     "You think you're clever?"
     "You're here alone, fooling yourself into thinking that you're looking for my brother."
     Backing into a wall and trying to continue her way to the throne room. Shaking all over, her lips turning blue and her golden skin dimming in the weight of this cold that was pulling her down. She slowly fell to her knees.
     "No Quillick. Please, don't. I just want to find Aryk."
     Slamming his fist into the wall right next to her head and then turning away from her.
     "Damn you elf! You love me. When are you going to admit to yourself, and stop lying to everyone that your growing stomach does not belongs to me. Reese is my son."
     "How do you even know it is a boy?"
     "Dakness begets darkness, and inside you grows something so ebony soaked that even you wont be able to pull him into your light."
     "He's also gold elf."
     "You're not married so why do you remain so loyal?"
     "Because I, Lo-" he interrupted her, "Him?! My brother, No you don't! how dare you continue to lie to me in the one place where I rule all that surrounds you."
     Somber now sobbing and she tried to curl up to gain warmth.
     "Cold?" His question the same as the tone of his voice.
     "Don't pretend like you care. You're a selfish man."
     "What else do I have left? With everything taken from me, even you shy from my face now."
     He grabbed her cheek and caressed it before forcing her to look at him.
     "You disgust me."
     "Our child tells me otherwise."
     Pulling her up and kissing her. Not pulling away, relaxing into his arms as the kissing intensifies. Breaking form her Quillick smiled and nodded.
     "Welcome home my beacon."

     Far away in the city of Wood Jack fell to the ground holding his head. His ears and eyes begining to bleed. The group around him crowding in trying to calm him down. Everyone backed away as he began screaming.
     Aryk far in the lead turn around only to pick up a backpack and grab Lily's hand.
     "What has happend?" she asked
     "We just need to move faster, that is all."
     A small spherical pendant around Aryk's neck glowing a bright white. He began running through town, Lily in tow...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Something in my head.

The cold air whipped around his body as he fell to the ground. Clouds passing by and the world spinning below himself, but just as he thought all was lost the parachute released and he floated gingerly down to the surface he had just a moment before believed would kill him. Taking off his helmet and looking at the world around him it looked so different now. Not only because it was,  but looking death in the face and laughing at it had made every color more radiant. Each gray shine like silver, and every black appear as ebony in the glimmer of light he now saw. Removing hi helmet his Dark brown hair matted to his head and sweat beading around his forehead. His deep blue eyes watering a bit from the sting of the air. The lot he had landed in was deserted, a single dead tree in the middle of a lot surrounded by skyscrapers. As he looked around the small lot he realized how close he really had come to dying, and a shout of triumph was released from his mouth.
     "Stop dat shouting. I is sleeping here." A homeless person shouted at him as she curled up into her corner of the lot more, covered in dirt and trash as her blanket.
     "I apologize. I didn't see you there."
     "Yeah yeah, ain't no one be seeing me. Ain't no one wanna see me. They all be turning their heads and pretending I don't be existing at all. Who are you anyway?"
     "Well my name is Rubin Collins. My friend just call me Rubicks."
     "You is kidding right? That is the whackest white boy name I have ever heard."
      Rubick walked closer to the woman as he undid his harness. "I'm not white."
     "What is you then?"
     Pointing to his ear made the woman get up as fast as she could and out of the lot.
     "Stay the freak away from me You unnatural heathen."
     Rubicks ran after her a stopped her. "You're scared because I have different ears?"
     "Lord know he don't make people with pointed ear like you."
     "We obviously he does, as I am standing in front of you."
     Still a bit shaken, but less fear in her eyes as she really gave him a good looking over. He dark skin quite the opposite of his nearly porcelain color. Despite the dirt on her face and the torn clothes the woman was quite attractive. Big brown eyes and short hair much like Macey grey.
     "Let me buy you something to eat as an apology for both scaring you and waking you up."
     "I don't need none of your charity." She leaned away from him
     "Would it be charty is I told you that you owe me?"
     "Well I ain't paying you back like that."
     Rubicks laughed, "No I don't want that. May I just?" He opened the door to the corner coffee shop that was by them and motioned.
     "Well alright, but I ain't open for business." She pointed at him accusingly.
     "If I had any idea what that meant I might actually have a response, but I will accept a cup of coffee with you."
     They sat down at a table and Rubicks took off his skydiving backpack...