Friday, March 16, 2012


Yes yes, my rp friends and buddies a like. I have heard your calling for me to do more then our rp sessions. You all have been very awesome, and I promise to get to each one of you requests as I can. Shall I begin with MRP's request for the back story of her favorite character of mine. (No diamonds I refuse to write more of the man in black right now, don't you get enough of him on Tuesdays?) If you have more requests I am always open to hearing them...

Here goes nothing,

  It was a warm summer night in a small village that was nestled a top a cliff that over looked the ocean. The twenty to thirty houses there were completely self sufficient, each house responsible for a different trade skill. Everyone here was an elf, but they accepted all kind of people who stopped by or who visited for a while, but most were travelers passing through and never stayed more then a week or two. Flock was born to a family of woodworkers and craftsmen. They were responsible for fixing the houses and making things the village had need of, like bowl and utensils. He loved his life, and could not see trading it for anything else. His mother and father the unofficial leaders of their humble village.
     In the middle of the summer months an usual fair stopped by, and this year a circus stopped by. Setting up tents and thing no one had ever seen before. Bringing shiny wares and new toys that Flock found mystifying. As he watched at the window feet curled up beneath him as his parents worked behind him.
     "Why not let the boy go? This might be his last year as our boy before that shall change." His mother pleaded
     "No." The answer from his father simple
     "Father there are humans, and and."
     "Stutter all you want. We have work to be doing. There is no time for follies and childish behavior."
     "Father," Flock's mother interrupted what he was about to say.
     "Let him go," She caressed his face and smiled at him. "Our little boy is not so little anymore."
     Waving his hand he motioned for Flock to go, "Make your way son, before I change my mind."
     "Mother will change it back."
     "Perhaps that is true, but go on, go see the fair they have."

     Rushing out faster then he thought possible of himself and running around the tents and vendors that were strewn about the village. Touching this and that. In one tent a young woman sat, very solemn. Her wares were so different from any of the others. A small baby in her arms prevented her from getting up but she nodded as Flocked looked around.
     "What are there?"
     "Musical instruments, all of them different. That is a lute you are holding."
      His mouth ajar at the amazing craftsmanship of each piece.
     "What kind of wood is this?"
     "You know woodworking little one?"
      Flock scoffed, "Do I know woodworking."
     "It is a smile enough question."
     "How did you get it to bend in this fashion?" He ignored her comment
     "Tradesman  secret."
     "Well we can use some of the tools that other woos workers use, our water here being full of salt."
     "Boil it, and the wood as well, but keep a close eye."
     "That can  not be true." Flock was gawking at each different piece as he went form instrument to instrument.
      Glancing at the prices, and backing away.
      "Here," The woman set her child down in a basket next to her and handed Flock a beautiful Lute. It was obviously worn from being played before, but the quality was still visible. As she handed it over he saw bruised on her wrist.
     "What happened?"
     "Nothing important." Quickly pulling her arm back and covering it up.
     "How much for this one?"
     "Nothing, make something of yourself with it and I will consider that payment."
Flock ran back to his home.
     "Look! Mother! Father!"
     Both of his parents smiling at him as he entered
     "That was quick." His mother commented.
     "Look, Look what she gave me?" Holding up the lute
     "How did they," taking the instrument from him, "It bends, how does it?"
     "She said boiled water."
     "It is true father, the whole tent was full of them."
     "This is truly an amazing piece. I take it you wish to make these now?"
      Flock nodded furiously.
     "Well, get to it son." Handing him his carving tool and lute back. be continued