Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Once upon a time

     "Close your eyes."
     Somber did so as she was lead onto a plot of empty land the resided just on the other side of a grand stone wall.
     "We shall build it here."
     He motioned in front of them. Her jaw dropping and eyes widening before she turned around and pounce-hugged the elf with stark red hair.
     "This has been a long time coming, and I should have done this hundred of years ago."
     Shaking her head, "It's perfect now."
     Embracing once more Jack points in the distance, "We have visitors."
     A girl and boy elf both with stark red hair and all grown up.
     "Were is the rest of the builders?"
     "You're the first arrive," Jack smiled.
     "It's nice to see you actually smile." The girl said as she pointed to her father.
     "Junior, Adria, please. We can..."
     Jack finishing Somber's sentence, "Start with a little magic." He placed a very old and worn out toy box in the center of the dirt and cranked the handle a few times before it began playing on it's own.
     "I thought." Somber's cocking her head to the side as she looked towards Jack.
     "It's only my old magic left. I figured it could go be put to good use and make us," He stopped and waited for the foundation of their house to pop up, "the start of our perfect cottage on the hill."
Kissing Somber's forehead the family looked out of the town below them. A town with a center castle that held eight gardens.

(It just came to me for some odd reason.)

Thank you Wistful dreams for your ever steady friendship. I owe you some cookies. This has been the greatest year so far, and I know it can only get better. I have the bestest friends and the best family as well and job and just life in general. Oh! I got my invite to MoP beta and may 15th D3! Wistful you better be there *fakes a stern face*

I know I should post the rp's here more, but I've been confined to our personal chat room. I may make that chat room we all discussed. Ok that's it i shall do it, see you guys as you come and go for the evening.