Saturday, May 12, 2012

Political Firestorm

I have never, in my entire life, been interested in politics at all. Then I watched quite a few YouTube videos on Ron Paul and researched his facts. They were true. So this prompted me to want to looked up the issues this year and see what each candidates views were. I overwhelmingly agreed with Mr's Paul's views. Suddenly I wanted to know if these claims that fox and CNN, and ABC were actually not playing news on Ron Paul's campaign. It was true, they are not broadcasting anything on him. As a writer  I was outraged. How can any news be honest and open when their pockets are filled with what I now consider stolen money. I wanted to see Mr.Paul triumph, and I wanted to help him get to office. If he can I want to see what he will actually do with the fed, and if his promises will last and if he can not be bought. For the first time I feel like this country does need a revolution. So I am doing my part, I volunteered or his campaign, and I will be on this band wagon and riding this wave to the very end.

If you look it up you may find this true as well. No news on TV about Ron Paul, but perhaps you too will agree with his views. Look him up, investigate for yourself. He won my American spirit and loyalty. Revolution is coming, and I know where I stand now.

Thank you to my friends who showed me the movement.