Monday, June 25, 2012

In my time.

     Well fast froward to a few years later. No one knows now except for the two of us who were involved. He has washed his hands of everything I was and everything I have ever thought I was. Standing here nearly naked, sword alone in hand and the skyline ahead of me. I have honored his request for silence and where has it gotten me but where I am?
     "Mi'lady be thinking you are. Of what inquire much I am." A large human-sized beetle in a waistcoat and holding deck of card stood beside a very naked woman. Her black hair flowing in the wind, and he green eyes glinting in the sunset.
     "Taking this you should." The beetle-man covered her in a blanket and wiped some blood stains off of her face."Mi'lady needing rest she does. Knowing a place and staying we can, shoule, staying we should, for a night or two."
     Pushing him away, "NO! NO Kalik! He is going to pay for treating me like discarded potion waste. He is not going to be able to ignore me."
    "Miss Shi-ra. Mi'Lady, no no no no. He is not being good for you. Killing yourself is happening. fading away you are."
     "You forget I still know how to use this," She waved the large sword in front of his face.
     Nodding his head furiously he let the lady pull him by his tie. She at least accepted the blanket he had offered to her.
     "Where going are we. Forgetting again as you've hit me over the head too many times."
     "To the city of darkness."
     Bowing to her, "As Lady wishes."
     "My name is Anya, quit calling me what you call my mother."