Monday, July 9, 2012

A night like no other

The  air was filled with music and embers flying about as the party-goers danced around the campfire. Their bodies in time with each beat of the bass and arms in the air holding their glow sticks and light up items.
     "Water, catch!" said a slightly overweight gentleman with brown hair.
     Putting her hands out she caught the beer and opened it, but never took a sip. Instead she danced as she held it.
     "Aren't you going to drink it?" a girl with long curly black hair asked
     "I'm not thirsty at the moment," Water shrugged
     "Mind if I have it?" The girl asked
     "Hey Lava, quite stealing all of Water's beers and make her actually drink one."
     "As if she even needs one. Stop passing them to her. You and Wood are bad influences."
     "I am not called Fire for no reason," He breezed by Lava almost whispering this line in her ear.
     "I am not a beer drinker."
     "We know," the entire group said.
     "She prefers te-kill-ya." came a voice from the kitchen window.
     "Metal! You are not to give away my secrets so early into the festivities."
     This caused Wood and Fire to nearly spit up their drinks. Their hearty laughter only matched in volume from the mickey-moused sound system that was blaring music around the tree house. The song changed to a teen-aged male pop star. All the sighs were heard.
     "Who put him on here? I surely don't want him to be my boyfriend and this song is horrible." Water stated.
     Jumping from around the corner dressed in all BBQing gear with a wacky smile on his face.
     "Wood!" Lava, Fire, and Water all giggle-sighed.
     "We should've known," came another male voice from inside the tree house.
     "Nature why don't you join us?" Water asked.
     "I'm not much for loud music or drinking."
     "We have nothing but time."

     I have that moment frozen in my memory. It is mine to keep, and I won't let go of it. The battlefield before me does not phase a warrior like me. My friends and comrades beside me injured and not able to push on, but I will keep going for them. The music still pounding in my temples. No something else making my head pound, mortars. No, wrong again... What is it? The world goes white in front of me as I hear someone screaming my name.
     "WATER!!! WATER!"
     Who could still have survived? The cape giving him away.
     As I fade into unconsciousness, "Prince...."