Sunday, August 26, 2012

Years gone by

     The crinkle sound of each leaf noted the presence of the two teenagers within the grounds. A castle surrounded by a large garden all around, and protected by and inner wall before the outer wall that lead to the land within the castle's even further border. A girl with wispy blonde hair and wearing an equestrian outfit stepped gingerly around the dead garden. She held her riding crop and hat to her side as she marveled at the scale of the building in front of her. The buttresses rising far above her head and each garden had a door between it's dividing wall. She began counting and she walked around the inside of the buttresses and by the doors in a narrow walkway that surrounded these doors, There were eight in total. Her mouth dropped open as she glanced in one of the open doors.
     A huge room with a center table in the shape of a the letter H big enough for what must have been 200 people. A banner above each door. She counted, eight again, and she noted this must've been somewhere a huge family or two, or even eight lived. As she gawked at the grand hall another girl with snuck up behind her.
     "Lizzy bell how did you find this place?"
     "My parents were talking about it. It's the oldest place still standing. I thought we could come check it out. The old guy at the end of our block, you know him?" Lizzy's friend nodded her head,         
     "They say he used to live here, and he's like a billion years old."
     "That's impossible. People don't live that long."
     "I've heard he's not human." Her eyes as wide as they could get.
     "Come on Lizzy, and Aliens abducted Bradley last summer, right?" Her hands on her hips.
     "It's true Core!"
     "I think you live in a fantasy world sometimes. One too many of those renn faire reenactment things. No more role playing." Corey pushed Lizzy playfully.
     "Isn't this place great though? It's like, huge enough to house the entire town."
     "How many rooms does it have?"
     "Well I counted the windows on one side and lost myself somewhere around 300."
     Corey whistled at the number. Lizzy ran up one of the massive staircases in the corner of the hall, Corey in hot pursuit behind her.
     "I bet this place is haunted." SHe began making ghost sounds that echoed down the hall.
     "Stop that, It's too dark in here I can't..." JHe voice caught as a lone candle was lit and sitting on a table in the hall.
     "It's like the house heard you."
     "I don't think this place is a house."
     "Castle," both girls said simultaneously.
     Footsteps were clearly heard behind them and both girls turned white as they looked at each other...