Sunday, September 30, 2012

Years gone by cont...

     A tall figured about as big as a bear was standing before the two friends. He was covered in a cloak and his face could not be seen. Corey ran over to the nearest window and flung the drapes open. Turning around again there was no one there.
     "Lets go." Corey grabbed Lizzy's hand and began power walking out of the castle.
     "What was that?"
     "It is haunted. Our parents weren't joking."
     "Maybe it was a trick of the light, or some wind blew through one of the windows and it was just the drapes coming up. Corey! CORE! STOP!"
     Lizzy wiggled her hand free of of her friend's grasp and turned around to go back inside. A breeze in the garden from seemingly no where began blowing. It grew stronger, and stronger until it was a gale force wind blowing the two into the neighboring garden. As soon as they reached the other side of the wall the wind stopped. It suddenly became very warm. The two ran to the next garden that seemed normal enough. This garden was filled with lots of large zen like rocks, boulders, and sand, and the flowers seemed to be formed from sand or at least they appeared that way.
     "What kind of place is this castle?" Asked Lizzy
     "I have heard there are books in our library that explain the history of the town."
     "Here our parents would have us believe that the city of Caementum was so ordinary and normal. This just has me."
     "Wondering." Came a male voice form the buttress behind them.
Both teenagers shaking and holding onto each other as they turned around.
     "No need to fear. I'm..." he paused for a long time, Fred, just call me Fred."
     The dashing young man appeared to be in his mid-twenties. He had almost whitish blonde hair and piercing silver-blue eyes. He was wearing a turtle neck and a nice Suit with a dark purple under shirt. 
     "Alright Fred, Why is this castle so big?"
     Chuckling at the question, "It was my ancestor's home. Built by someone in my family a very long time ago. I hears it was a small town to itself, and even had rooms for kings and queens."
     "Well, Fred, it was lovely to have met you but we must be going now, homework to do and all. The two of us." Corey swallowed hard as he spoke.
     "On a weekend? Homework, seems a little strange." Fred folded his hands in front of him and nodded, pursing his lips together. 'I can see you two just want to go, you're trespassing anyway."
     Turning around Lizzy pointed top a sign stating the castle was private property. Corey took Lizzy's hand and the began leaving. 
     "Wait, stop, please don't." Fred held his hand up, "I won't be pressing any charges. This castle has been asleep for a long time. It was waiting for something big."
     "Waiting?" Lizzy let her hand slip out of Corey's and she walked back over to Fred.
     "Have a seat," He motioned to a bench besides a fountain that started pouring as she sat down.
     "Was that?"
     "You? I believe so." Fred smiled.
     "He has a remote in his pocket Lizzybell." Corey rolled his eyes, "You're not seriously going to be charmed by this joker. He's obviously one of those college losers who can't date girls his own age."
     Fred raised an eyebrow, "I am actually married sir."
    "Look, the name is," Corey was interrupted.
    "Corey Stanton Savage. Yes I know you both quite well. You're failing English, and P.E."
    "You're a stalker, Lizzy he's stalking us!" Corey gestured frantically as he took a step back. 
    "Any one's history or profile is out in the open now a days, and easily accessible at any moment from one's phone." Fred held up his smart phone open on Corey's social network page. "It's amazing how you kids document your whole lives online, nothing secret, nothing private. It would drive me mad to let everyone know every waking detail of my life." 
     With each word he spoke he took a step towards Corey, and with the last word the two were face to face. Tripping as he leaned back, but Fred caught the boys shoulder. 
     "Don't trip." He went back and sat by Lizzy.
     "I shall let you two go, but if you wish to know more feel free to go to your library, but once you're done, come to my library."