Sunday, October 14, 2012

As I am...

I am me. Who is that exactly?
Well that is for me to know and you to think about.
I am the path less taken
I am night sweeping over the land
I am the quiet one in the corner that nobody notices.
I am the music of the night, the true phantom.
I am doing the best I can.
I am the outcast, looking for a way in.
I am the exiled.
I am the quest, the path the chivalrous must follow.
I am here, but not really.
I am not popular. Popularity sucks.
I am kind, until you leave that is.
I am the melody coming from the instrument you play.
I am the best of the worst.
I am thoughtful, though I have trouble remembering things.
I am crowded in an empty room
I am the dream slowly drifting away.
Trying to remember me? I'm already gone.
I am your shadow. Don't look too far down, you may fall.
I am only what you see.
I am the never-ending story.
I am the card forever to be shuffled around.
I am the writer that can end stories, but never begin them.
I am the speaker that can end conversations, but never start one.
I have taken the path less traveled
I am the journal. Tell me your secrets I will keep them safe.
I am the sunlight through the clouds.
I am the great mind that cannot recall anything I've learned.
I am the one forever experiencing deja vu
I am the one forever experiencing deja vu
I am the good one you can trust.
I am the bad one you must avoid
I am alone in a crowded room.
I am the grounded bird, wings all broken.
I have many faces. Sorry, you must have mistaken me for the other me.
The silence is deafening.
I am the pen that won't write.
I need to erase my past.
If I could change one event, I would be a different person.
If I hadn't rejected
If I caught the ball
If I weren't there then
If I was only there
I wish I could have seen you go.
I am quite nice. Nice girls finish last.
Look up. The clouds have parted.
Look down, the ground is still there.
I am not lost. I have come home. I am here.
I am the one that isn't depressed.
Suicide is for those who can't handle depression.
I am the one who will live in the moment, but in a moment, I am busy right now.
I can see again.
I have a dream I must wake up.
I am not going anywhere
I am here to stay.
Thanks goes to those who pull me back when I jump in.
I am the one with many flaws.
I have coped with this before, it's nothing new. Or is it?
Perhaps I am not the one. That's it, I'm the two.
I am forever happy. Are you?
I have my memories. Do you? That's too bad they make us who we are.
See? I'm right here
Hello, and good bye.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Castle Folkvar

     As the wagon rolled over the hillside the horizon line was filled with what looked like a city surrounded by a  large outer wall. The five friends headed down the path towards the massive structure.
      "What is that?" asked Somber.
      Aryk came over and sat by the gold elf they now called their friend. He admired the shimmer of golden locks on her head and the light glitter affect the sun made as it danced upon her face, and on across her green eyes. He swallowed The lump in his throat as he looked away from her as soon as she turned to speak to him.
      "Is that is? Aryk? Is that your uncle's castle?"
      He nodded and pointed to far off in the distance. Clearing his throat before he spoke. "In the back there is a orchard with a lake. It's fairly good sized."
      "There is a lake! It seems as large as a town beyond the wall."
      "It is," Jeri as he leaned back in his seat. A blonde girl fast asleep by him. She wore coordinated pink clothes.  "Should I wake Gwen?"
      "NO! " Came the answer from the rest of the wagon.
      Towering doors opened as the wagon approached. The wall they passed through as large as a bridge and as tall as the sky it seemed. It stretched around the entire castle's boundary. Somber's mouth hung ajar as the wagon rode further in, passing a massive sand pit and what appeared to be a training ground for hand-to-hand-combat. After that a large garden filled with all sorts of food, vegetables and fruit trees, so lush you could lose yourself. The wagon parked outside of an inner wall that encased the castle's main structure. It was octagonal in shape as Somber began walking around the inner wall and away from the stables that lie on the western most part of the castle's main body.
      Off the middle of the castle were two wings, one to the east and the other to the west. Aryk began telling Somber that one of the wings held a massive library. The whole castle appeared in the shape of  the letter H with a fat octagon body in the middle. Under each wing an essential feature of the castle. Under the west wing a massive stable. It housed not only horses and livestock, but the gryphons that Aryk's uncle Ken breed and raised. Under the Eastern wing was the weapons storage and forge. Around the entire center and even trough the stables and forge were eight fantastic gardens all dedicated to the eight elements that ruled over Alderguard. Each garden separated by an open structure of walls leading into the next garden.
     As you entered the inner wall and into the first garden on the west side, the garden of light, filled with plants that seemed to glow and even flash or change colors into all sorts of things. Most of the flowers appeared as calli lilies. Each one glowing or flashing at it's own pace. In the center a beautiful fountain that echoed the theme of light. As you traveled north and around, there was the garden of fire. Lava rocks and fire roses, bird of paradise, and red sunburst dotted the outer planter boxes, the fountain flowing a thick lava like substance. Then there was the garden of Earth. The poppy-like flowers that seemed covered in sand and the fountain like quick sand flowing through the large rocks that dotted the raked sand. The Water garden after that elegant and serene. The fountain seemed formed from ice and flowed water around to each of the planter boxes, which looked like fish take on the side of the walls, filled with lily pads and the buds that grew on top of them in pinks and brilliant yellows. The air garden After seemed to sing as each plant created a little tornado in itself. The little swirling flowers  flying off and into the fountain of swirling wind and then back to their leaves that seemed to float just above the soil they grew from. Right next door suddenly a drop in color as the black roses and dreary feel of the garden of darkness seemed to consume the guest. Each darkness plant so fragile though that one touch caused it to wilt and whiter, and even die. The darkness only broken by the sounds the the forge nearby.  The garden of wood seemed more like a small forgets only without leaves, and the last garden of Metal was very intriguing  Each plant looked like shiny metals, but as you touched them they felt soft like plants should.
      Somber looked up and gawked as she noticed how tall the castle was. "How many rooms are inside?"
     "Nearly 2000. It can house an entire city, but we have it mostly filled with my family or close relatives and our servants, but they are more like family then servants anyway. We all eat at the same table like equals.
     Somber ran inside to see the rest...

(The inside shall be later)