Monday, December 31, 2012


I don't often post about my life on here as I use this blog for most of my writing and creative things. However today I find I wanted to post about how great everything has turned out in my life and how thankful I am for it.

For my daughter. She is becoming a beautiful person and such a great kids. I could not have asked for better.

For my job. I am now the a personnel manager and well on my way up :) So excited for the adventures to come, and even happier about working with my new store manager and team.

For my family. I feel as if we've all grown closer. Through hard times and good we've all been there for each to her now. Thanksgiving was epic at Tim's house. Deep fried turkey went smashingly and Susan's yams we're to die for, and I did, I passed out in that huge comfy chair watching Johnny and Alan rock some league of legends. Daysi is the best new sis-in-law, and mom's peanut butter pie was heaven. I hope everyone loved my ceasar salad and pumpkin-cheesecake-nutella pie's as well as the deviled eggs.

For the life I have. It gets better with each passing moment and everyday. I've written more this year then ever before, and I feel I have grown as a writer, mommy, gamer, and retailer.

To SAS. The best gaming Klan I could've asked for. See you all in GW2 and planetside2

To my friends. Whether you're online or not you've all banded together for me during the hard times, but mostly all the great times there have been.

To Ebony. For being the best co-manager and now best store manager. You're an encouragement and this light. Someone I look up to and aspire to be like. You've taught me smart notes, and how to 4x4 tours with ease. I will respect my associates as you do and I shall be the best store manager I can be whenever I make it there, but until then I will be the greatest HR person you've ever seen. LEts open this new store with style!

I must also thank those who told me I can't. Who tried to stop me, or be mean to me. I am doing it, I can, I have, and I will continue to succeed. You pushed me to do more then  I thought I could, and for that I am grateful.

I look forward to making Christmas dreams come true tonight as I man one of the busiest lines. I'm the one hour guarantee girl for the laptop tonight. That light on their faces when I know I've just made someone's holiday wish bring me a joy I cannot describe fully in words.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone who has ever touched my life. I love you all.

Year in review

Hey hey hey! Yes it is that time again where I have found the time to blog, write, whatever you wish to call it. This is the first one I shall be free-styling and actually blogging. I've had a much improved year, and it seems to get better. I've written more, personally, then I ever have and I have enjoyed more freedom and professional success then ever before. It is amazing what happens as I have chosen to surround myself with positive influences. I was promoted in my professional life which is superbly amazing. My little one is doing very well at Pinecrest, funny though she hates English or anything to do with it. She's a science/math gal all the way. All my rp buddies, you're messages have been fun to read and follow and I hope you've all enjoyed my company as much as I have enjoyed yours. Lil, yours the most. You're the best and most amazing friend I never thought I would have. I can't wait till you get married next year.

In the world of elements things have gone onto new and amazing things. The emerald knight still as strong as ever. The Nokitomi household coming back. The war that rocked the land and took with it two of my most beloved characters. The man in black and his twin :( but onto brighter times as we await the birth of Kitz or Oswin. New masters taking their rightful places, and could we ever forget the winter celebrations that brought the kingdom to the north into light.

As for the land of dreams it actually has come into me writing for it. Tao came together and I began from the start as I should have. So many more stories we're actually recorded and typed out for the first time evar! Ember's story, Midnight Blue/Lithany, Zelcur, Junior, Nosliw, Mystdreamer... I can not wait to see what 2013 brings. Only great things I am guessing.

No, my life is not always positive, but the good has far outweighed the bad this year. I have come to accept single mommyhood. I've come to lean on friends more and less on myself. Even my characters have friends to lean on, so why shouldn't I?  Somber didn't do it all herself, and I realize I didn't have to either.

Cheers to 2013. I always take requests as usual, whether I post them or just e-mail them directly to you. RSWE is always at your service *bows*