Friday, January 11, 2013

Years gone by (cont...)

Fred's eyes seemed to twinkle as he sat next to Lizzy awaiting her acceptance to his offer. Corey standing there expressing his stunned surprise that she was still sitting and not coming with him. Waving his arms ridiculously in front of her and then playfully acting as if she was an immovable object and grabbing her arm and pulling with no result. Fred raising one eyebrow as he watched all of this.
"Are you quite done now?"
Corey slightly pouted like a young child would as his friend took in the garden around her. The plants  slowly swaying to what appeared to be the beat of someone's heart, a pulse the garden took on as buds opened and the fountain of quicksand ran faster then previously. The air smelling of fresh laundry now and Lizzy closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Crossing his arms as he smiled and nodded in approval.
"Both of you must be what this place was looking for."
"What are you talking about?" Corey mocked.
"Can't you tell?"
Lizzy and Fred speaking at the same time, "This place is magic."
"Pffft. Have you both gone crazy?! Do you know what year it is?" Corey's face slightly reddening.
"You're thinking those storybook you read made it all up. That it is so impossible for magic to actually exist that you accept the status quo and continue on with your life as if those black and white pages only exist within the mind of someone writing the words on the page in front of them," Fred began to raise his voice, "You reject the possibility that something amazing, or fantastic exists out there. Something you can't touch, but by the sheer fact of existing does indeed happen to be real. Do you even believe in anything you cannot see?"
"No." Corey shrugged.
"Love, do you... Oh hogwash, you love her." Fred pointed to Lizzy
"I-I, No I don't." Corey rubbed the side of his arm and turned pink.
Lizzy gave a quizzical look towards Fred.
"How would you know so much about us. I know social networking sites only have so much information you can understand about a person." stated Lizzy.
Giving a sigh, "Elizabeth Nostra and Corey Sauvage. You were both born into very special family's. This whole city is somewhere special."
"Earth." Corey offered dryly, "You're boring me old man."
"Yes, earth," Fred began walking away.
"Wait." Lizzy said still sitting by the fountain. "What is so special about here?"
Fred walked into a nearby shadow and disappeared, an echo in the air linger whispered to the two teenagers... magic.
"This is unbelievably cheesy as a birthday trick, or some early Halloween prank. Come on Lizzy bell. Lets go."
"Was what Fred said true?"
"Do you?"
"Do I what?"
"Love me?"

...   ...   ...  


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sweet Child o' mine

Sitting there, pondering her life and the things that had happened in it. Holding her belly as it bulged before her. Petting it as one might do to an animal and cooing softly. Her strange chain mail skirt barely holding on anymore as it drug across the floor and her tunic doubled up on, one a beige color while the top one was a dark ebony colored one that seemed to be beaten and unwashed. Walking to a nearby window she looked down to the courtyard where servants were cleaning up the great entryway into her new home.
     "Soon now my sweetness. Everything will calm and thing will be different."
     "Who are you speaking to?" came a male voice.
     "Oswin..." Her voice drifted off.
     "Why are you so sure it will be a girl?"
     "Because it is his and he would have wanted a girl."
     "You know better then that. Those kind of dreams only happen in storybooks and fantasy's  She could just as easily be a he."
     "That is not funny Zeke."
     "I found it quite apropos. You need a good laugh love. He is gone, and it time to let him go. He will not be returning."
     "...but... the master of..." Her voice trailing off and she looked out the window again.
     "He is no longer of this world. That master will come in time."
     "Yes she will," Clutching her belly tighter.
     "Why do you believe the child in you harbors such a dark thing?"
     "Because she is his, and she belongs in the shadow." said stated through clenched teeth.
     "Celebrate something new my dear friend. Your baby, his baby deserves more then dim wishes and childish dreams. This world is changing, and it's about time you went with it my dear. This baby will be a wonder. This hour is ours to own, to hold, to make into something we deem it to be."
     "I see why they make you King, but to me you'll always be that silly boy."
     "As you shall always be Anya the brave to me." Holding her face in his palm, smiling, "This baby will be amazing."
      She nodded at his words and leaned into him, head on his chest and fresh tear began to fall. Zeke only enclosed her into his embrace, stoking her hair. Waving to a servant that was passing by to bring some food and tea. Anya now sobbing so hard she was shaking. Zeke helped her to sit back in her high back chair. Wiping the tears from her cheek and smiling at her.
     "It is a process love, and he will not go away overnight. It will take a long time."
     "How long? it hurts It physically pains me. My chest feels heavy and I feel like my arm has been ripped from me."
     "I can not tell you the time."
     As the servant entered, Anya got up and ran passed her. Zeke stopping the tray from falling as he ran after her.
     "You know better! That old man won't tell you anything! Anya!"
     Servants continued to be in he way some how as Anya ran further away from him.
     A carriage was waiting for her as she arrived in the courtyard. She tore one of the black roses from it's bush as it stuck out, almost as if it was reaching for her. She pointed the south and as if reading her mind the driver took off toward the city of light.
     "Anya Sauvage!"