Wednesday, October 15, 2014

world of war.... Alderguard

As a writer I often find myself mired in my land of fantastic things for far too long. So long in fact that I find myself comparing people I get to know to my characters rather then the other way around. They feel real to me almost. Like I knew them from a previous life or something. maybe they are my previous lifes? Who knows, but as it is this particular snippet is dedicated to three (well I guess you could say four) people who are very close to my heart even after only short time...

Loud clapping thunder rattled the walls of the Sauvage castle. The wind making the curtains dance and the windows to shake. The scene inside quite serene as the great hall was filled with the Order playing card games and making merriment. The great eight practicing their music in a corner. Each person dwarfed in the vastness that was the great hall, but the massive fireplace making it cozy. A servant came by and stoked the fire and Somber Fairehawke sat next to it. She stoked the top of a toy box with a crack on the side of it as she listened to the great eight. A newer friend came and sat down next to her.
      "You have decided to join us finally? Cerity was it?" Somber nodded.
      The female elf girl nodded her head.
      "Where were you travelling to?"
      "I got lost while travelling through Azeroth."
      "You are quite lost then. Seeing as this is Alderguard." she chuckled.
      "I must've read a road sign wrong somewhere, or perhaps I just..." She held her head and winced.
      "Are you alright?"
      "I will be." 
      The vision Cerity had were becoming more and more frequent and even more intrusive. She was fighting, battling perhaps. The vision was fuzzy at best, but she could see other people with her. Three were becoming clearer. She shook her head again trying to shake it off. She was safe here, and this world was not at war. The fire was nice, and suddenly she realized that Somber had been speaking to her.
      "A piece of cake?" She offered her one.
      "Oh no, thank you. I don't eat sweets this late in the evening, but thank you."
      A loud boisterous voice breaking through, "Is she telling lies again?"
      "Who might you be good sir?" Somber stood up and quickly greeted the newcomer.
     Another voice answering for him, a smaller, but obviously leader of his group, "This would be Buff. We came to rescue our party member. I'm Mengela." Putting his bow away and offering his hand to the gold elf. Somber shook his ahdn and blushed at his very outgoing personality. A final person entered the castle. Stumbling in, his hair messed up but standing like royalty in the doorway.
"Fear not Lord..."
Cerity intterupted him, "Awax, Sit down!"

(I shall continue this later...)


Standing before the battlefield Aryk held his sword at his side, still dripping blood, as he watch around the bodies of friends and foes. He wiped his forehead and smeared the drops of blood that had been there. Tear coming slowly and running down his face. Looking in the distance a group appeared on the horizon. The shape of a walking beetle could be made out along with four other people. He dropped his sword and sprinted towards them. They too were now running towards him as well. 
"Aryk!" A female voice could be heard.
Upon reaching each other Aryk hugged the girl who was wearing a blue dress and white, but blood stained apron. The large anthropomorphic beetle fixed his vest and fiddled with his top hat. The three others standing there wrapped their arms around each other.
"Somber, Jack, Jr. Did we win?" Aryk asked.
The gold elf nodding her head. Holding tight to both boys that surrounded her. Aryk still hugging Alice. Kalik putting his top hat on and examining the battle's end.
"Mess, only ending mess, forever. Stand here is does, linger in the air."
"Does he always state the obvious mother?" Jr looked at Somber.
Smiling she let Jack answer, "Yes my son, he does."
"Well then, Does the Order always have so much..."
Aryk finished his sentence, "Bloodshed?"
Jr shook his head, "Loss."
Alice looked around as well, "It never did before, and then I had to bring my land here. Oseric is no more. It is time to rebuild. Time to repair what we do have."
There was a group coming from the woods behind the castle. Somber looking over saw it was Quillick and his battlement group. She ran over. Embracing him at then moving on to Narya who balkeda t the touch. Neither of them had been once for affection, but at this time they didn't mind as much. Each giving Somber a light pat in return. Fier and Drake walking behind their parents.
"Where is Zita?" she asked
Fier answering, "They took her. I couldn't..."
Fier started to cry.
"You could help it, they were powerful. This whole fight was for her. She was the goal." Drake grasped onto Fier's shoulder reassuringly.
"The Order will get her back. We always figure things out."
Quillick threw his gloves on the ground, "Not everything turns out pink and perfectly Somber. I know you think it does."
Jack coming up behind his wife.
"Oh, your white knight is here. Sorry did I offend you both with the truth?"
Jack only glared at him.
"You are all so concerned with the loss of one person. Look around yourselves. LOOK!" Quillick turned in a circle in the floor that was covered in bodies. "I tire of all your follie fearless leader." He spit on the ground in front of Somber, "We all just end up cleaning up after your bright ideas."
Narya tried to quiet him.
He pushed her away and picked up his sword. To this she stormed off in the direction on their tower. Sighing and dropping the sword again he want after her "Fae, I didn't mean."
"He may be your twin, but you and he are nothing alike." Jr said to Aryk.
"We have cleaning up to do." He picked up a body and headed for the stables.
"fighting now, always fighting. Quiet never.: Kalik babbled.
"Yes, thank you for that recap." Jack chuckled a bit at his friend.