Thursday, January 29, 2015

The mapmaker and her hero

     The wind had picked up speed, tossing about the hair of a troll standing atop a hill overlooking an expanse of marshland. In her hand a scroll with a partial map drawn on it, a quill in hand and another one in her mouth. Lowering the page to look over the land and then back down. Hearing a group marching on the road nearby she slunk into a bush for a moment and then came back out. "The spires of Arak should be mapped by the end of the next lunar cycle." She thought to herself. Coming out as the army battalion passed her position. Stomach grumbling made her put down the scroll and rummage in her bag, empty. Sighing she dropped the bag back at her side and pulled a fishing poll out of another bag and began to assemble it.
     "What a horrible time and place to need rations or food of any kind." she exasperated out loud to herself.
     A small pond at the foot of the cliff was where she decided to catch some food. The main road ran right past her spot, but the troll girl shrugged at this as she looked around. Deciding it was empty enough for her liking she cast her reel. after a good amount of time with no luck she went to put away her fishing gear. Turning around only to see a human. She gasped as he drew his sword and quickly ran her through with it. Adding to his attack a blow to her temple.
      "Horde do not belong here." He growled
      "I am.." She choked out as much as she could.
      The human only spit on the ground next to her. The world quickly becoming fuzzy as another alliance member came up behind the initial human. Someone, or thing, grabbed the human and his friend. A scuffle could be heard and the clash and swoosh of swords. Unsure as the world was dark and blurry now. Someone picking her up and carrying her to safety perhaps. At least the memory she could reacall was of someone carrying her before everything faded to black.
     The warmth of the sun and the smell of cooking fish awoke her.
     "You live." The Orc who was sitting beside her nodded as he turned the spit with fish on it.
     "I do not feel like I am alive." Feeling bandages over her mid section. Her armor sitting to the side of her. "You removed my armor?!"
     "Nice to meet you as well, I'm Garzaeth."
     "My armor!"
     "And you would be?" He offered her a piece of fish
     Taking the offering she looked curiously at the orc, "Cerity Tradewind."
     "The mapmaker? You're the one Thrall has chosen? I thought you would be..."
     "Bigger? Male?" She paused, "Orc?"
      Garzaeth chuckled, "Well you are feistier then I thought you would be."
     "How did you imagine I would be? Seeing as you have never met me before and already you have seen more of me." Her words becoming faster and more frantic.
     "You were stabbed. To stop the bleeding I had to bandage it. Lest you would've died."
     "I didn't..."
     Finally turning around to face her. The next words catching in her throat. Swallowing them slowly she failed to  form any words while he gazed at her. Garzaeth raising an eyebrow at her.
     "You were saying?"
     She swallowed again, "Thank you. I owe you... my life." She tried to sit up.
     "You shouldn't get up just yet."
     She lied right back down, Losing her balance by just leaning on her hand.
     "You lost a good amount of blood by the pond."
     More then how she felt her head spin. This Orc rescued her without knowing who she was. He just did so, Nothing asked for in return. What to say to someone who risked their life for you? She lied there thinking. Not able to shake the blurry image of him as he saved her.