Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tasting the Future

"Mom! I am going to be late!"  The teenage girl checked her watch more then she needed to.
Her mother rushing around the house. Grabbing her keys, and a stack of papers, and thn going back for her glasses.
"Can't leave without these."
The teenager rolled her eyes.
"What happened to you? you used to be so cute."
"Mom!" the teen exasperated.
"Don't give your mother grief. She is the reason you still get allowance. I voted against it." The woman gave his husband a kiss as she opened the front door. Her teen pushing past her rudely to get to the car. Whispering finally. She only smiled.
"Do you have your story?"
"Andrew!" She sighed playfully
"I have to ask. I know your brain is broken. I am just taking care of you." He laughed as he spoke, "You know I love you Cerity."
"I know." she playfully tapped the end of his nose before kissing him goodbye.
Their daughter shouting from the car, "MOM!"
They said in unison, "Teens."
It had been year and years since the car accident. Since Cerity had blocked out all painful memories associated with her former writing partner and crush. Her therapy had done wonders. The blackened parts of her memory healed by time and the patience of her family. Without Andrew she wasn't sure what she would have done. Continued to write in that apartment perhaps with that light on and.... blank.... It becomes blank. She had no time to think of such things.
Leaving the house now and opening the car for the impatient teenager.
"Do you always have to shout about everything you are to do?"
The wordy teen now had nothing to say.
"You know I write about things like this."
She only rolled her eyes and continued to keep her arms crossed, "intuitive mother."
"You know you can tell me anything."
"YES! ok mom, you and dad are so progressive and forwards thinking it makes me sick.!"
She stopped the car in front of the school, "have a wonderful day little moo."
"MOOOOOOOM!" she tried to whisper scream and she exited the car and ran into school.
Cerity sitting here pursing her lips sideways as she tried to think about where things had gone wrong. Shrugging it off to teenage angst.
Her teenage, Tiraslen, made sure she was as far as she could get before stopping. Slowing down her breathing as she checked inside her backpack. The copy of her mothers manuscript with her. She smiled and went into homeroom. The girls in the class gathering around her desk
"Did you bring it?" one of them asked
"I did, the next chapter in the knights of Sendire."
The entire class was gathered around her desk, marveling at what she held.
"How did you get her to let you have it?" someone else asked.
"She doesn't know i have it." Tiraslen shrugged as all the other teens awed at her delinquency.

At the office with her publisher Cerity reached into her bag. her manuscript missing she stood up quickly and checked under the chair as if it had fallen out. breathing heavilly she ran out to the car. fumblin with her keys and tearing her vehicle apart. Shakily grabbing her phone and calling Andrew.
"Don't tell me. There is am extra copy in his email already. We sent it last night, breath in, breath out. You're going ot do great hun."