Tuesday, November 22, 2016


He causes Fire inside me. 
Consumed by it. 
No, immersed as it surrounds me, 
covers me in safe bindings I have never knows before. 

Strings attached to my heart and not anything else. 
Oh please sweet fire that I do not yet know how to feed do not die on me. 
Please do not leave me. 
How may I make this grow? 
How to nurture such a fragile and yet strong thing. 
It seems to grow on its own. 
Nothing to feed it but our feelings.

He causes chaos in within my heart.
That sweet lilting madness that leaves me wanting more.
Snow melting in winter.
He brings spring with him, chill breezes.
Hands reach, eyes sing.

This passion inspired by him is bliss.
I was whole.
I am now full.
Do I tell him? Or do I keep this my secret for all eternity?  

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