Saturday, January 21, 2017


I had a revelation today. I have accepted far too many people telling me negative things, even friends of mine. Even close friends of mine. I've had people say I am emotionally unstable and that I cannot handle my job and that I can't. That I can't I can't, I can't can't can't can't can't can't... ... ....

CAN! I will, I do, and I have!

I will never again accept someone who tells me these things. I am a brilliant writer,with a magical mind. I will be someone other than just RSWE to myself. This girl, Somber, Cerity, Ember, Whoever I am;


That's right this story goes on. I can visualize it. Hey Falkor, wonderboy, jerkface, watch me run far far ahead of you. Anyone who wants to keep up can. I will have a book published by the end of this year. I will. Then another and another and after that another. I am not going to stop, and with my final agonizing breath I will continue to write and I will continue to pursue my dreams no matter what worth you think I have I know you're all wrong.

I am amazing and anyone who can't see it... Yes you too Mr. dubious huntard. I will never be in love with someone who doesn't support this mind of mine that floats in the mother fucking clouds. You might have been able to keep me down for a little while but that will not be how it is ever again. EVER AGAIN! *shouts it from the top or the worlds tallest structure natural or otherwise until Nasa discovers something taller and that I will shout it from that apparatus as well.

While you all try and catch up with me and say you knew me when I will have those who believed in me all along around me who have always loved and supported me. Who never failed me, and who continue to tell me I am worth it, but the most important voice among all of them in my own. Cerity Tradewind you go girl, heal me just like you heal others online.

Come on, come all, I have a tale to tell you of how I became legendary in real life. My bank account isn't an experience bar. I will never measure myself in the amount of money I make. I refuse to be limited by something so small. If that is as far as my mind can reach then I am very stunted indeed. My heart is the strongest organ in my body, and i'm using it. It's stronger then your tiny tiny little mind that only calculates what is happening tomorrow. I will love what is happening an eternity from now. You're not there, I can't see that analytical mind keeping up with my bleeding heart. There is more blood in these veins then in the entire universe and I will use every last drop.

Artistic minds unite, and don't accept  anyone who tells you that you can't. Throw that word away and just get down to business.

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