Sunday, March 5, 2017

Creeping Darkness

     They call it utopia. They say it is a wonderful place to be, but I have only know pain and anguish from the place they all call their haven. It is a place of darkness and where my dreams have gone to die. Where I had gone to die. Whoever she was, whoever I used to be is long gone. Buried in so many layers of damage like a cocoon of hurt. Secluded from all else I realized that within this state I could morph into something else and transform I did. 
     Enemy, evil, demon they shouted. Had I allowed the darkness to erode that which I truly was? My own mirror image foreign to me as I see the fully armored figure. Sword in hand, bloodied from battle and weather beaten from so many days and nights under the sun. The sting of the air forcing me to squint. The tears coming now strange to my stoic glare. I hate life. This is who I have become I must embrace it. 
     The crackle of wood burning and the clang of metal being formed into weapons echoed around the campground. Near a cliff's edge stood a warrior wearing hefty black plate armor. They watched as the water kissed the shore and was rejected only to return time and time again. Shaking their head as they watched as if telling the waves to give up, but they refused. 
    "Master," another man dressed in tattered and dirty apparel was coming up the hill and handed her a scroll
    "What word has come?"
    "They mean to find them. They are sending the seeker."
     "Let him come. He will only find anguish among my men." She shooed the man off.
     The servant rushed off quickly and back into the camp. Each tent poorly constructed and very temporary. A gust of wind knocking one over as the camp worked hard to create weapons of war and hurt. Walking through the mass of disheveled homes and people she touched the tops of their heads as if to say she was sorry there was not more. They all smiled through the dirt smeared on their faces as she passed and a strange light also followed her. Someone in the back shouting her praise.

Darkness I may be, but I can change the course of this land. I can save it. Sometimes it takes evil to undo evil.

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