Friday, June 9, 2017

The Art of Conversation

      He looked up from his keys as he fiddled with them  waiting for her to take some action before they got back into the car. The bright lights from the theater accentuating her lush brown locks.
      "The real life love is under the mirror of the surface." She sang.
      "So cut my chord. I want to know how deep we can take this." He responded in kind.
      "See the things you've been chasing you'll never find them wearing a life vest." She continued to sing in perfect pitch.
      "You've gotta risk your neck, and know that in your heart it will be worth it. That we are worth it."
     "So here we go, head first and no regrets." She took steps closer to him, "and no rules we can stay as long as we want."
      "Slow dancing in the darkness, and I all I know is I want to be with you, here, from now on." He placed his arms around her, hugging her tightly.
      "It's been my fashion to keep my head dry and get my feet wet, but step by step I've been letting you lead me into the deep end." Her voice an almost whisper as she continued to sing to him.
      "I've learned my lesson honey. Just when you think you're where all the adults swim."
      "That's precisely when somebody shows you to the ocean."
     Finally she kissed him and the keys fell to the ground with the click and jingle almost as melodic as her voice. That was when I knew I had truly fallen in love with my soulmate.

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