Monday, June 26, 2017

Warrior tightrope

You are in need of assistance. You're are damaged and broken and need fixing. See a doctor. Get some help. You're weird. You can't sit with us. I don't like you. Have I heard it all? Have we? The answer to that is yes. Sad thing is some of the things said have even been said my close friends, lovers, and parents. I am now 34. I learned I was allowed to parents myself and make up for the things my own parents were missing. It''s okay they loved me as much as they could or were able to. The big thing is that I love me now. It has taken me a long time and a lot of broken experiences to find myself in the mesh of tumbled around things that life provided. It is funny how thing have turned out. In loving myself i don't put up with any sort of crap and I easily let go of people i they are being toxic. It's so easy to do knowing what i am worth and seeing now  that i have surrounded myself with amazing people who would never say such things or if they truly had a concern about me they would be loving in their delivery of such concerns. I treat myself just as I would treat  best friend of mine, with gentleness and care. No more self hate or bad self talk. I am gorgeous, and creative. I am wonderful and amazing. As a preface to what I am about to write...

They call me lots of nicknames. Some of my favorite ones are Cerbear, Celery, Rob, and the elf. I'm ready.

This goes out to all my friend who are still trying to find their way. In case they are confused who they might be, eh, well i hope, eh that this tell them who its aboot. (for)

The glow of the armor ad faded long ago and the fresh blood that stained his chest plate was smeared down the front and across his shoulder. Pulling his blade from a new kill he turned around to his companion. Covered in leaves and antlers she appeared as more a art of nature then she was the elf that was underneath the leather clad armor she wore. Bringing forth her staff and setting it into the ground. A swirl of magic around the spot she had laid it into as a swirl of blue closed all wound on the warrior in front of her.
"You'll need to slow down. You always run too far out of the range of my magic." The girl elf noted
"We don't have time to wait. At the end of this dungeon is exactly what Dark asked us to retrieve."
"Is it worth sacrificing our lives for?" He calm tone not reaching him
"You don't understand! Why do you always make this about you!" He shouted as he picked up a rock to throw, "Just go! Leave me alone! I don't need your healing!"
The druid backing away and lowering her head, "As you wish."
Turning to go she only looked back once, her stomach turning as she exited the cavern,  a glowing orb in hand to take back to their leader. The sacrifice for this item more then she believed she could bear. Casting a spell to take her back to her home she walked through the glowing blue of the portal and appeared in a grove with lots of other druids all clad in similar garb to hers.
She made it to the main part of the grove where there was a large tree stump that had been fashioned into a table and She approached a bear that was  nealy three times the size of a regular bear.
"Darkcrows, we have succeeded. The legion of Stone can continue our quest."
The bear nodding and not saying anything. The druid girl turning to leave
She stopped and turned back around slowly. Grasping her staff as tightly as she could with her sweating hands.
"What of Slayen?"
"He is lost."
"He no longer believe in our cause. He needs healing."
"Are you not a druid of mine?"
"I am, but I cannot heal him. I do not possess that kind of magic."
"You are telling me he needs something other then our natural magics?"
Cerity nodding.
"Have you spoken to our deathlord to seek this help?"
Cerity shook her head., "What help can the undeath of those knights bring a warrior such as Slayen?"
"They are wise."
"So are you. I do not understand."
"There are somethings druid should not handle."
"He just needs time."
"You care. I can see that." The bear turning back into his elf form and came over to his friend and guild mate, "All will be well I promise you this."
Breaking down in tears as her leader hugged her. Setting her staff down and crumpling into a pile of herself.
"There are thing still yet to come young one. This is not the end of your story or his just yet."

Behind the two druids a heavily armored figure appeared. Everything he touched in the grove dying as he reached for Cerity.
"Go Cerbear. Denariarion will help you. He knows what to do."
giving a sad sort of smile she went to the dark knight and left with him through another portal.

Even when things seem to fall apart or change there is a reason. The tale of the druid and the deathknight is for another time.

This was the conclusion of the druid and the warrior.

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